At Copenhagen Optimization, we deliver solutions that enable our clients to work smarter. We are not only here for the fancy PowerPoint and complex Excel sheets – we are here to make a notable difference for you. To achieve this, we challenge you and we expect you to be ready to change. We are based in Copenhagen and are working with clients all over the world – in both the public and private sectors.

We deliver solutions aimed at optimizing your business and our recommendations are always based on operational data and factual knowledge. Our focus is to optimize your operation. We do this by using advanced algorithms to analyze your data and by pinpointing the initiatives that will create the most value. initiatives span over changes to your planning, improving your performance evaluation, strengthening your system capabilities, and making you work differently. We never forget that we are changing the everyday for your employees – and therefore we have a responsibility to communicate the drivers for change clearly and fact-based.





The word ”optimization” is widely used and understood in many different ways. For us optimization has a clear and achievable definition: To optimize is to significantly improve your business through a string of different initiatives and to quantify the improvement through documentable results.

This is our DNAThis is our DNA

What we do

Generic and dynamic analytical tools that include all important properties of the operational reality of your business

Forecasting based on sophisticated mathematical and statistical models

The use of advanced mathematical optimization techniques to improve the operation

Application of large data sets containing operational data to eliminate non-factual discussions

A generic approach that allows for easy adaptability between cases

The ability to model changes before implementing them

Hands-on recommendations – directly implementable

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