Next generation checkpoint planning


Better Border is our product for planning and execution of the emigration and immigration checkpoint operations. This product transforms a forecasted passenger arrival curve into an optimized desk opening plan and in turn, optimizes the demand for staff.

Better Border enables you to achieve

  • Higher predictability > lower stress levels > fewer sick days
  • Shorter waiting time
  • Less buffer in the plan > lower cost
  • Fewer wasted resources due to imbalance between staff demand and supply > lower cost


The Right Staff at the Right Time at the Right Location


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Key features

Planning based on different passenger categories - Nexus, Global Entry, citizens, and visitors (split on Visa and non-Visa)

Desk opening plans optimized according to the service level targets of the immigration checkpoint

Break optimization included in the staff demand optimization

Real-time updates based on API data and updated ETA data

Application of the same methodology for all time horizons - from capacity planning over budgeting and operational lane and staff planning to execution on the day of operation

Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service - accessible through the web with no on-site installation, always up-to-date and includes all upgrades.

Key benefits

Ability to lower the peak demand for border control staff by deliberately planning for queues at peak periods and optimizing the implementation of breaks

Full transparency in the way staff demand is generated

Easy access for all relevant users, from the capacity planner taking a look into the future, the analyst making the budget, over the demand planner, the staff planner, and to the dispatcher on the day of operation

High degree of automation eliminates manual processes

Easy data transfer from forecasting system and to staff planning system

Robust enterprise tool - reduces dependency on individuals and increases sustainability compared to e.g. Excel-based planning


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 880158.