Better Airport®

Next generation airport planning


Better Airport® is our software solution, which enables planning, execution, and evaluation of the airport operation. Better Airport® is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution built with a key focus on the user experience and reduction of manual planning processes.


Forecasts passenger presentation at various touchpoints across the terminal and resulting baggage volumes. Better Forecast provides an automated planning flow, updated in real-time. Machine learning ensures continuous fact-based improvement.


Through its unique Queue Vision feature, Better Check-in allows the user to allocate queue area as well as check-in counters thereby reducing flow bottlenecks.


Generation of lane opening plans at security checkpoint(s) and the corresponding demand for staff based on passenger presentation.


Transforms a forecasted passenger presentation into an optimized desk opening plan and optimizes the demand for immigration staff.


Accurately pinpoints root causes of sub-par baggage handling performance, enabling you to deliver baggage faster and more efficiently.

Currently, we have Better Forecast, Better Check-in, Better Security, Better Border, and Better Baggage in operation. Due for completion are the remaining operational areas in Better Airport®: Better Stand&Gate and Better Shift.

As a cloud-based SaaS application, Better Airport® does not require a large up-front payment and marks the end of being stuck with a system you do not use. In cooperation with you, we make sure that Better Airport® is calibrated and ready for use, before we let you plan, analyze, and execute.

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