CASE STUDY: Security optimization and layout design at Aéroports de Lyon

Copenhagen, 16th July 2019

Scope of work

Lyon Airport (LYS) part of Vinci Group, engaged with Copenhagen Optimization (CopOpt) to identify improvement initiatives to optimize the security checkpoint operation. This was achieved by completing on-site observation studies and data analysis using the Better Security solution – part of Better Airport®. The project was completed in 4 months. Two key areas were evaluated in the project. First, a review of the security checkpoint layout and the corresponding passenger flow was conducted. Initiatives were suggested to improve the passenger experience and simplify the passenger journey. Second, an evaluation of the security operation was conducted using Better Security. Recommendations were proposed that will increase the x-ray and passenger throughput on security lanes as well as a Performance Evaluation Framework to improve the communication between the third party stakeholder providing staff for the checkpoint and LYS. Also, the effect of Centralized Image Processing (CIP) was assessed.

“Lyon Airports were pleased to work with CopOpt’s team, who has a great knowledge of airport operations. They were able to make adapted recommendations to our environment and performance expectations.“ says Stéphane DERIVRY, Security Manager,  Aéroports de Lyon

The results 

– A list of improvement initiatives to increase the image throughout and passenger throughput per lane. Together the initiatives would enable a throughput increase of up to approx. 80% if they
are all implemented.
– An improved queue maze layout at the entrance of security that simplifies the passenger journey, maximizes available space, and increases passenger satisfaction


About Copenhagen Optimization

Copenhagen Optimization (CopOpt) is a combined software and consultancy company specialized in analyzing and planning the airport operation on a strategic, tactical, and operational level. CopOpt offers the cloud-based airport operational planning platform, Better Airport®.
Through Better Airport®, airports create daily operational plans for all operational areas and update the plans in real-time as new information becomes available. Also, seasonal plans can be created in Better Airport® assuring that the right planning decisions are taken as far in advance as possible.
CopOpt is working with more than 30 airports globally and have delivered significant benefits to users of Better Airport® including a 25% decrease in wait time at London Luton Airport, a 51% decrease in wait time at Geneva Airport as well as an absorbing 18% growth for check-in and baggage infrastructure at Toronto Pearson Airport.
CopOpt is headquartered in Copenhagen – for more information visit




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AUTHOR: Sarah Frances Procter
Sarah joined Copenhagen Optimization in 2017 after having held a variety of roles, including Route Development Manager, Airport Operation Management, and Director Real Estate at CPH Airport. Before this, Sarah worked in both the FMCG industry with PepsiCo International in the UK as well as in the IT sector.
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