Copenhagen Optimization attending Future Travel Experience Global, Las Vegas, 3-6th September 2019

Exhibitor Spotlight 


Who is Copenhagen Optimization?

At Copenhagen Optimization our software solutions and services help you forecast and manage traffic more efficiently through optimized operational plans to improve throughput, resource utilization, and customer experience. Based on our experience working for international airports, we have developed a collaborative, user-friendly online software solution that will kick your business into a higher gear, Better Airport®.

Visit FTE Global to explore new technologies and take something valuable back to your colleagues in the office and make sure to visit Copenhagen Optimization for a demo and talk on how we can help your airport optimize its operations and passenger services!


What makes our products/services stand out? 

Our Unique Selling Points (USPs) are one of the key drivers for the significant penetration we have been able to carry out in the last three years in which Better Airport® has been available to the market. We have won contracts with some of the largest airports in the world, including London Heathrow, New York JFK, and Tokyo Narita.

Our key USPs are:

  • The user experience – Better Airport® simplifies the complexity and automates a large share of the manual tasks currently carried out by planners in the airport – while still keeping the users in control
  • Domain knowledge consultancy and software – we have solid experience from airport operations and continues to strengthen our understanding from working with airports globally on airport operational optimization
  • Covering the entire airport operation – Better Airport® covers all elements of the airport operation and secures changes in one area are accurately reflected in other areas

In collaboration, we make sure that our clients achieve the benefits from having operational plans they can trust; an efficient and well-running operation is the key to get more out of your existing resources while providing an excellent passenger experience.


What brings Copenhagen Optimization to the FTE Global EXPO this year? 

This is the third year we are exhibiting at FTE Global, and we have had great success in the two previous years. This year we are having a larger setup and are very much looking forward to re-connect with existing contacts and meet new contacts with whom to build cooperation. Also, we are eager to show all the latest additions to Better Airport® and share experiences from the more than 15 airports globally benefitting from Better Airport®.

We are also looking forward to the new setup at ARIA, and with a bit of luck, we can ride an autonomous vehicle from the airport to ARIA.


Why should visitors come to Copenhagen Optimization stand E3 

Aviation stakeholders can expect to see a demo of how data and advanced mathematical algorithms are applied in Better Airport® to generate accurate forecasts and operational plans that you can trust, enabling both operational optimization and collaborative decision making across all operational stakeholders. Although advanced on the inside, Better Airport® provides an easy-to-use, and incredibly intuitive user interface making operational planning both fast and easy. Better Airport® covers all main processes along the passenger journey through the airport and serves as a platform for communication, assuring that everybody is working off the same plan. Therefore, Better Airport® also fits nicely in an Airport Operations Center, delivering Total Airport Management. With Better Airport® – growth without expansion is possible – and we can show you how at FTE Global.

Visit us at FTE Global in Vegas Booth #E3 for a dialogue around how we can help your business thrive today!


Which technology or trend do you think will have the biggest impact on the air transport industry in 2019? 

We believe that this will be the year where collaboration between being airlines, airports, and government bodies will take off.  We are starting to see the first real benefits of A-CDM in Europe and US government bodies actively working with airports to embrace wait time tracking technology. Next up is taking this valuable data and applying it actively to improve the airport operation. Better Airport® is a perfect fit to EUROCONTROL´s Airport Operational Plan concept, and Better Airport® has been demonstrated successfully with TSA through their Innovation Task Force, so we are a key collaborator supporting this trend.


See you there!


Kasper Hounsgaard     

Heide Granberg             

Sarah F Procter             





AUTHOR: Kasper Hounsgaard
Kasper has a M.Sc. in Economics and has for years been a main driver in business development in Maersk, CPH Airport and Copenhagen Optimization. Kasper is a natural in identifying new areas of interest and has extensive experience in developing and implementing solutions with proven results. With responsibility for Consultancy and Business Development, Kasper excels in quickly understanding your challenges and adapting our ideas and experience to identify ways of overcoming the challenges.
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