Copenhagen Optimization nominated to Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2017

Copenhagen Optimization has been nominated for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Award. The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is the world’s most recognized growth cabinet competition, celebrating and honoring the best entrepreneurs in Denmark and Globally.


The competition aims to recognize the women and men who build and run successful, expanding and dynamic companies and celebrate their success and contribution to our society. With the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, EY has honored the best growth creators in Denmark for more than 20 years, putting the attention to the most exceptional among a unique group of people, creating jobs, prosperity and bringing new innovative products and concepts to the market.

The Winner will be elected by an independent jury, and the winner will be announced 9th November.


Copenhagen Optimization company profile

Copenhagen Optimization is a joint consultancy and software company delivering solutions aimed at improving airport operations through enhanced planning, execution, and evaluation of the operation. The team is often known as the “math wizards” who say “it is all about the numbers”. Our services cover all operational areas, and we are working with strategic, tactical and operational projects. Since founding the company in 2014, they have worked with numerous airports across Europe, North America, and the Middle East and experienced an impressive double-digit growth. The team today comprises of 16 FTEs.


Reference Clients Include London Heathrow Airport, Toronto Pearson Airport, Oman Int. Airport, Frankfurt Int. Airport, Munich Airport, Oslo Airport, Geneva Airport, Dublin Airport, London Luton Airport, Bristol Airport + more.


Better Airport® is the product offering:

Better Airport® is a cloud-based platform for the planning of all operational areas in an airport. Currently, Better Airport® consists of the solutions Better Security, Better Border, Better Check-in, and Better Forecast. Set for completion within the next 6-9 months are Better Stand/Gate and Better Baggage.


AUTHOR: Sarah Frances Procter
Sarah joined Copenhagen Optimization in 2017 after having held a variety of roles, including Route Development Manager, Airport Operation Management, and Director Real Estate at CPH Airport. Before this, Sarah worked in both the FMCG industry with PepsiCo International in the UK as well as in the IT sector.
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