Edmonton International Airport to become the airport of the future

Digitization will provide a seamless travel experience and a more efficient airport

As travel experts from around the world gather at the Future Travel Experience conference, September 10-12 in Las Vegas, Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is undergoing a comprehensive digital transformation to ensure it will meet travellers’ needs. EIA partnered with Copenhagen Optimization, a Danish company specializing in airport digital processes, to evaluate current digital maturity, identify key priorities and develop an overarching strategy to digitalization. The strategy will transform of all of EIA’s stand-alone systems and small system networks, into more integrated systems. The outcome will be a seamless passenger experience, better air operations and a smoother internal work environment.

For example, airport maintenance would receive an automatic message from equipment on an aircraft boarding gate, which would trigger an inspection, an order for spare parts, reassignment of flights to new gates and information being passed to travellers’ mobile devices, all on the same system. This would not only be faster and easier but it would eliminate mistakes or late notifications. Further, using the internet of things a drone inspecting runways, an autonomous security vehicle and airport surveillance systems can all talk to each other and artificial intelligence can analyze the information to provide human operators with the exact details of a situation, allowing them to react more quickly and effectively.

For more information contact:

Chris Chodan
EIA Communications

AUTHOR: Sarah Frances Procter
Sarah joined Copenhagen Optimization in 2017 after having held a variety of roles, including Route Development Manager, Airport Operation Management, and Director Real Estate at CPH Airport. Before this, Sarah worked in both the FMCG industry with PepsiCo International in the UK as well as in the IT sector.
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