Better Stand & Gate allocates stands and gates, considering all constraints and forecasts estimated times and aircraft links using machine learning. 

With the development of Better Stand & Gate, the solution will be taken to the next level, which includes refining the machine learning components and advancing Better Airport’s aircraft allocation solution.


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Allocation plans are made in legacy systems through a highly manual process. Plan quality is primarily driven by airline preferences even though there is an understanding that more factors should be included. Scenario planning is cumbersome and time consuming. Different systems are in place for long-term and daily operations – with results not adding up. Plan robustness is low with a need to make many manual changes on day of operation. Does this resemble your airport? Then read on.


Better Stand&Gate improves the current allocation of aircraft to parking positions in airports. Improving the allocation brings multiple benefits including improved utilization of parking stands, reduction in delays, less fuel burn, and fewer passenger missing their flight. Using advanced mathematical modelling and machine learning, Better Stand&Gate optimizes the allocation of stands and gates to aircraft turn-rounds with respect to the specified business goals. The solution can be applied in daily operations as well as an analytical platform bringing consensus between operational, tactical, and strategical levels.


Better Stand&Gate is cloud-based, marketed as Software-as-a-Service, and accessible through a web browser with no on-site installation. All users are looking at and working to the same updated plans.

Key benefits

Accurately determine future demand for stands and gates

Maximize the utilization of your airfield and terminal infrastructure

Compliance of airline stand preferences and handling requirements

Seamlessly integrated to the AODB

Use of intelligent buffers informed by historical on-time performance


Better Stand&Gate is a part of BETTER AIRPORT® which is a cloud-based solution that uses your data and advanced mathematical algorithms to generate accurate forecasts and operational plans through an easy-to-use and incredibly intuitive user interface enabling collaborative decision making.

Better Airport consists of a suite of products covering the entire airport journey and serves as a platform for communication, assuring that all users are working off the same plan. Better Airport is a perfect fit for the Airport Operations Center delivering Total Airport Management.

Cloud-based technology allows all relevant staff to collaborate efficiently wherever they are.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 880158.