Does your airport suffer from a fever?

Feeling unwell? Taking the temperature will tell you if you have a fever. You probably knew this already, but the display on the thermometer will tell you to a certainty of +/-0.5% exactly how burning hot you are. The thermometer, however, won’t tell you what you are suffering from, nor how to cure your illness.


In an airport context, putting up, for example, a queue measurement system at security or at a check-in area will tell you the exact temperature of your waiting time. The dashboard will show you that right now, you have a queue of 22 minutes and are breaking your airport SLA by 12 minutes.

It will not, however, tell you

  • what is going wrong
  • why it is going wrong, or
  • how you can solve your problem


Conclusion: A dashboard displaying problems is useful, as it will tell you that something is wrong. In order to get better, what airports need is a solution that can utilize that information and data in an intelligent way so that queues can be predicted and avoided.

Long queues are the worst airport illness of them all. Passengers are left frustrated, they feel like cattle being herded around, they feel nervous, worried, stressed, irritated. The result of this is

  • airport ratings drop
  • passenger spending decreases and
  • airport staff are left stressed


See the doctor!


Having Copenhagen Optimization take a look at your airport operations is like seeing your doctor. We will give you the diagnostics and cure to your queueing and/or bottleneck nightmare.

If you come to us knowing your temperature then it is great, but it is not a necessity. Your health can be improved significantly by looking at many other factors such as what have you been eating, when did you last eat, do you have any other symptoms? In an airport operational context, we look at past and realized flight schedules, historic boarding card scans and other data that tell us a great deal about your operation. We can help you benchmark your operation against other airports, and our expertise and experience will ensure that your airport’s health improves quickly. Our solution Better Airport® for planning, execution, and evaluation of airport operations has helped airports around the world reduce waiting times and subsequently improve the overall passenger experience. We believe that improved planning is the key to a more successful airport operation, increased efficiency, and better passenger experience.

So, in need of a health check?  Call us today!

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AUTHOR: Sarah Frances Procter
Sarah joined Copenhagen Optimization in 2017 after having held a variety of roles, including Route Development Manager, Airport Operation Management, and Director Real Estate at CPH Airport. Before this, Sarah worked in both the FMCG industry with PepsiCo International in the UK as well as in the IT sector.
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