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Our consultancy services covers all operational areas of the airport and are centered on the elements of value creation described below. After visiting your airport and understanding your challenges, we define a project in cooperation with you. We scope the project and deliver a fixed price proposal for our services. The typical project commences with a data collection and validation phase, followed by an analytical phase, where we are analyzing your data to calibrate our models. We share our initial results mirror-imaging your current operation. With this in place, we host one or more workshops, where we in collaboration are identifying options for improvement. We quantify the effects of the improvements and outline how the improvements are implemented. The last step of the typical project is outlining a set of decisions to be taken in order to start the improvement work.

On top of our consultancy services, we offer a software solution, which can help you implement and sustain the required changes.

Our approach:

We enable you to change the way you operate

We use generic and dynamic analytical tools that include all important properties of the operational reality of your business

We use advanced mathematical optimization techniques to identify options for improving

We apply large data sets containing operational data to eliminate non-factual discussions

We make you think differently by respectfully challenging the way you are currently operating

We know how changes impact the operational environment - using the ability to model changes before implementing them

We provide hands-on recommendations – directly implementable

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Sarah is here to help…

Sarah Frances Procter
Director sales and marketing

Tel. +45 30 91 46 79

Heard about our cloud-based software solution?

Better Airport® is our software solution, which enables planning, execution, and evaluation of your airport operation. Better Airport® is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution built with key focus on the user experience and reduction of manual planning processes.