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Better Check-in provides a foundation for smart and efficient check-in counter allocation based on processing times, airline & handler preferences, and passenger arrival curves. Through its unique Queue Vision feature, Better Check-in allows the user to allocate queue area as well as check-in counters thereby reducing flow bottlenecks

Better Check-in covers the allocation of check-in counters and corresponding queue areas and passenger flows. Better Check-in can be applied in daily operations as well as function as an analytical platform. Using Better Check-in, daily plans can be created quickly using parameters such as airline preferences, passenger forecasts, and baggage influx. 


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Better Check-in includes and focuses on the passenger dimension delivering an improved passenger experience through its unique Queue Vision feature.

Key features

With Queue Vision, the user is able to understand where queues are stretching into the flow area and where additional queue area can be allocated

Enables the allocation of queue areas to avoid the formation of queues in the flow area

Illustrates the demand for check-in counters and queue areas, enabling you to plan the utilization of the check-in operation optimally

Instantly updated metrics when the user is interacting with the plan either by allocating additional check-in counters or by changing the location of a check-in area

Feature for capacity planning allowing any day in the future to be considered and calibrated

Heat maps illustrate times and days when counters and/or queues are close to capacity

Unique daily allocations identify bottlenecks

Key benefits

Postpone or even avoid expensive check-in hall expansions, reduce queues and improve passenger flows.

Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service - accessible through the web with no on-site installation, always up-to-date and includes all upgrades

Easy to use: Design and user experience (UX) are enhanced to make it extremely easy for planners, supervisors, schedulers, and senior-level staff to understand and use BETTER CHECK-IN

Seamlessly integrated to any automated wait time measurement system, the AODB as well as the FIDS

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 880158.